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NN320: Bounding Border Collies

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HK license plate: I know

Image of the week, above:

🇭🇰 Tell me about it: Another excellent Hong Kong license plate.

My WSJ latest:

Just out, with my colleague Yang Jie: Huawei’s New Gadgets Reveal Hidden Teeth in China Tech Resistance <– 🎁 Free link

It begins:

TOKYO—Huawei, China’s rival to Apple in smartphones and the world’s leading provider of telecoms infrastructure, is out to prove it isn’t just surviving Washington’s campaign to crush it, but is in the vanguard of Beijing’s drive for self-reliance in technology.

After the buzz around Huawei’s new high-speed smartphones, which appeared to show that China can swerve around U.S. efforts to block its access to cutting-edge technology, the company on Monday unveiled its latest tablets, smartwatches and earphones—supported by a homegrown challenger to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, global standards in wireless communication.

Here are 10 items worth your time this week:

1) 👴 Here are 13 peaks we reach in life after the age of 40.

2) 👉 Longread of the week: On Hasan Minaj, comedy, and the truth.

3) 🔬 We may not realize that we’re living through a scientific revolution.

4) 📚 Author Ryan Holiday’s 38 rules for reading.

5) 🐳 Whales, photographed from above.

6) 🎥 Rocumentaries is an index of excellent documentaries.

7) 🪄 Fun video of a perpetual motion ~~machine~~ simulator.

8) 🍂 A map showing when fall foliage will be at its most colorful in the U.S. this year.

9) 🍜 RamenHaus is a website devoted to images of gorgeous, rotating bowls of ramen.

10) 💤 “Lull yourself to sleep with the soothing white noise of your favorite tech giant’s terms of service.”


🦴 Dog-related video of the week:

“Parkour – Barkour Dog.”


💡 Quote of the week:

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” – Hunter S. Thompson


👊 Fist bump from Hong Kong,


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