My Ten Favorite Podcasts

Adapted from an edition of my newsletter, Newley’s Notes, sent November 2, 2020. Image via C D-X on Unsplash.

Last week I shared my ten favorite email newsletters.

🎧 Now let’s turn to podcasts. Here are my faves:

💰 1) Conversations with Tyler – academic and author Tyler Cowen talks to extremely smart people. That’s pretty much it. The focus is nominally economics, but you don’t need to be an econ nerd to enjoy it.

😂 2) Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. The great actor interviews creative types. His 2014 chat with Jerry Seinfeld was incredibly funny.

🎵 3) Desert Island Discs – What music would you bring with you to a desert island? A simple premise, an immensely enjoyable and moving show. Don’t miss Arsenal legend Ian Wright or documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux.

⚽ 4) For soccer news, I like Football Weekly, from The Guardian, featuring a well-informed and (mostly) lovable bunch of journalists…

🧤 5) …and Goalkeepers’ Union – former Watford and Brentford goalkeeper Richard Lee discusses all the week’s top GK news.

📰 6) The Journal – The Wall Street Journal’s daily podcast featuring the biggest stories and interviews with our reporters. (I was on last year talking tech in India, and in July discussing Hong Kong and U.S. tech titans.)

💪 7) The Peter Attia Drive – Longevity-focused physician Peter Attia talks to extremely sharp experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, fitness, sports and more.

📚 8) Asia Matters – my ex-WSJ colleague Andrew Peaple and my ex-Columbia University classmate Vincent Ni talk to journalists, academics, and others about news and politics throughout the region. (I joined last year to talk about India, China, and tech.)

🎸 9) Bob Dylan: Album By Album – here’s an unconventional one. Ben Burrell discusses the musical genius’s records, one by one.

🔨 10) Cool Tools: Renowned author and technologist Kevin Kelley and tech editor Mark Frauenfelder interview guests about the tools they find indispensable.

What do you think of my picks? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter; I’m @Newley.

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