Google Reader Dies Tomorrow. My Replacement: NewsBlur

2013 06 30 newsblur

We’ve known since March that Google Reader, the hugely popular RSS reader, is dying July 1.

That’s tomorrow! (Or maybe even today, depending on where you are.)

I’ve relied on RSS readers to keep track of various blogs and news sites since 2005, and have been trying out several Google Reader replacements in recent weeks.

I wasn’t crazy about Feedly‘s interface, though it’s free.

Feed Wrangler, which is $20 per year, is a hit among the tech elite and seems quite workable. But I didn’t like the folder-less, “smart streams” approach. (Unlike some folks, I’m not looking for RSS innovation. I just want a service that works well, in a Google Reader-esque manner, and looks decent.)

So, with just one day left to until Google Reader officially goes kaput, I settled on NewsBlur, pictured above. I like it a lot so far. The free version has limited functionality, so I sprung for the $24 annual subscription. Here’s a detailed review of NewsBlur.

Other resources: Here’s more on exporting your Google Reader data. And here’s a round-up of several other Google Reader alternatives.

Happy feed reading.

2 replies on “Google Reader Dies Tomorrow. My Replacement: NewsBlur”

Thanks, Carl, for your comment. Good call — I remember checking out The Old Reader a while back and will give it another look!

Newley, many thanks for all your great posts and tweets over the years. I’ve always been a big fan of yours. NewsBlur sounds good, but I’m a cheapie so I’m going with The Old Reader which is free and seems to be a good alternative. Just saying…

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