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Cool Tools: Hands-Free Phone-Interview Setup


Cool Tools: Hands-Free Phone-Interview Setup:

It’s a serious issue in contemporary journalism: how do you record phone interviews while using a headset?

The post points to the Olympus TP-7 telephone recorder and this more elaborate setup (pictured above).

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Interesting, thanks for pointing that out. Software-based recording is also pretty popular for Skype but am a stickler for hardware, particular as it can be used offline.

Interesting Newley. With Skype becoming a popular method for interview, I’d be interested to see voice/video recording options for it. Would certainly be useful for me at least.

I’ve recorded interviews via Skype before. It takes some configuring, but works. Only problem for those of us with somewhat unstable web connections is low call quality and the occasional dropped connection.

p.s. If you read the comments on the Cool Tools post, as well as the reviews on Amazon, it seems the Olympus device is quite popular.

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