My very own vuvuzela

Quick note to say this: I am now the proud owner of my very own vuvuzela — the much maligned horn, you’ll recall, that I mentioned in my World Cup roundup last month.

But this isn’t just any vuvuzela, mind you.

My very own vuvuzela

My pal M picked it up for me at the World Cup — you can see that the instrument bears the colors of the South African flag. I am very, very grateful, and the horn is now hanging in a place of honor on my office wall.

And indeed, when tooted, the thing produces an immense buzzing sound, making the immediate area sound not unlike like the inside of a bee’s hive. I can only imagine what a stadium full of droning vuvuzelas must sound like.

It’s another four years until the next World Cup, of course, but the English Premier League season starts again next weekend. Pity the folks who live in my neighborhood…

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