New Thai pizza with bacon and cheese in the crust

Thanks to Austin for mentioning that he recently saw an ad here in Bangkok for the following food product that, I must say, is quite amazing.

It’s called — brace yourselves — the double bacon cheese pizza. And, yes, the crust contains bacon wrapped in cheese.

Thai pizza with bacon and cheese in the crust

You can get it at The Pizza Company, a Thai chain. I haven’t tried it yet. But I just might have to. One interesting detail: it’s served with cheese sauce on the side. (In case you need even more cheese! Presumably there’s no bacon on the side, since there’s “double bacon” in the crust.)

Go to the official Pizza Company site for an entertaining video about this new offering. ((And this reminds me, dear readers, that I have been remiss. I have let you down. I’d forgotten to tell you about another remarkable Pizza Company product that I consumed nearly a year ago. I give you the super jumbo hot dog pizza. It has a hot dog embedded in its crust. You can see photos here and here. I wish I could tell you that I liked it. I consider myself to be an adventurous eater. But…well, it wasn’t for me.))

Long-time readers will recall my previous extreme, hot dog-related eating expeditions:

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