Thai translations of Oscar-winning movie titles

Thai 101 has an amusing collection of (mostly) literal Thai translations of 2008 Oscar-winning films:

Thai titles for western films are sometimes corny, sometimes spoilery, and always entertaining. Especially when you translate them back into English. They have a style of their own. Most typically, a subtitle is added to give local viewers a better idea of the content.

Here are a few that I like:

The Reader
เดอะ รีดเดอร์ ในอ้อมกอดรักไม่ลืมเลือน
“The Reader: in the embrace of unforgotten love”

The Dark Knight
แบทแมน อัศวินรัตติกาล
“Batman: knight of the night time”

“Little robot whose heart saves the world”


Wise Kwai’s best Thai films of 2008

Vidoeblogger Thomas Crampton has posted a couple of interviews with Curtis Winston, author of one of my favorite blogs about Thailand, Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal.

In the first video, embedded below, Curtis tells us all about the Thai film industry.

And in the second video, Curtis gives us his list of the top 10 Thai films of 2008.

For a re-cap of the second video, here’s Curtis’s post with a summary of his top 10.