On ‘Interstellar’

2014 11 23 interstellar

The latest in a series of posts about sci-fi and post-apocalyptic movies, which I love:

I’m late in noting this, as it was released several weeks ago, but:

Go see “Interstellar.” While it’s in the theater. In IMAX,* if possible.

Gorgeous cinematography. Powerful music — and use of silence. Conceptually daring. Hugely ambitious in its storytelling scope. Thought provoking.

Not perfect, but a remarkable film.

*A and I saw it at Shaw Theaters Lido here in Singapore.

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Hi Newley —

Definitely agree with you that “Interstellar”‘s not perfect. In fact, I’d go so far as to consider it an ambitious failure. Yes, some of its visuals are amazing — but the story is ultimately so disappointingly conventionally Hollywood.

Maybe if people go in to the screening with lower expectations than I did, they might like — and/or be impressed by — it more…

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