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Thailand update: Yingluck dissolves house, calls new elections—and protests continue

The latest:

Following the Democrats’ resignation from parliament yesterday, today some 100,000 protesters marched through Bangkok to Government House.

But just as the protest was beginning this morning, news came that Yingluck had dissolved parliament, paving the way for new elections:

The proposed election date is February 2. Yingluck will run again.

And the protests continue.

From Reuters:

The leader of the anti-government movement, Suthep Thaugsuban, said he would not end his demonstrations and would continue a march to Yingluck’s offices at Government House.

“Today, we will continue our march to Government House. We have not yet reached our goal. The dissolving of parliament is not our aim,” Suthep, a former deputy prime minister under the previous military-backed government, told Reuters.

Asked about Yingluck, one protester told the AP:

‘‘We will keep on protesting because we want her family to leave this country,’’ said Boonlue Mansiri, one of tens of thousands who joined a 20-kilometer (12-mile) march to Yingluck’s office.

The sentiment was the same across town, where protesters filled a major four-lane road in the city’s central business district, waving flags, blowing whistles and holding a huge banner that said, ‘‘Get Out Shinawatra.’’

Asked about the dissolution of Parliament, one middle-aged woman in the crowd said, ‘‘It is too late’’ and ‘‘It’s not enough.’’

‘‘At the end of the day, we are going to win,’’ said the woman who identified herself as Paew. ‘‘What happens now? Don’t worry. We will figure it out.’’

Meanwhile, the Red Shirts cancelled a rally that was to be held tomorrow in Ayutthaya.

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