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Photos from Democrats’ rally at Rajaprasong last night

As promised, here are a few cell phone images I snapped at last night’s Democrat rally in front of CentralWorld mall, in the Rajaprasong area.

None of these pics are photographic masterpieces, but they should convey a sense of what the scene looked like.

Crowd seen from midway back.
The crowd, roughly mid-way back from the stage.

The crowd listening to Deputy PM Suthep.

CentralWorld mall
Another pic of the crowd, with CentralWorld behind.

Crowd, seen in background, from BTS sky bridge
People assembled, seen in the background, behind the trees. Photo taken from BTS sky train walkway.

Here are some of my Tweets from the evening (1, 2, 3, and 4):

1. Dems rallying at rainy Rajaprasong. Suthep on stage showing pics and video from April 10 clashes.

2. Dems at Rajaprasong: Suthep showing map of red shirt camps and photo of shot soldiers and journos.

3. Several thousand people here. Abhisit signs, blue Democrat party flags, and lots of umbrellas. Also, snacks, of course.

4. No red shirts in sight. People packed into area under cover in front of CTW. Old portion of mall behind, still being repaired.

For more, here’s an AP story about the gathering; it says:

Thailand’s prime minister rallied thousands of campaign supporters Thursday at the scene of last year’s deadly anti-government protests, defending his crackdown on demonstrators there as the best he could do under difficult circumstances.

Read the whole thing.

And here’s a Bangkok Post story about the rally, as well as an essay from The Nation‘s Pravit Rojanaphruk.

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