Observations on “The Hangover Part II”

Update: Bill Clinton is said to have visited the set, but apparently did not film a scene. So scratch the bit about that portion being edited out.

2011 05 26 hangover2

Just briefly, here are eight tweets I recently wrote containing a few observations about “The Hangover Part II,” which I saw last night. The film, as you may know, is set in Thailand. Start from the bottom…

8. The Ebert review is worth checking out, as is this Atlantic run-down of the critical response so far:

7. Final two thoughts (for now) on “Hangover 2.” Yes, it’s raunchy. But anyone who’s familiar with the first film shouldn’t be surprised.

6. Lebua hotel features prominently. Chiang Mai is also referenced. Overall, a fun if silly jaunt. But there were plenty of laughs.

5. Unlike many films set on Bangkok, this one gets beyond the street level, with plenty of shots of the river, the skyline, etc.

4. While some may not appreciate the way Thailand is portrayed, nothing is beyond the pale.

3. All the crazy stuff is there: drugs, foreign gangsters, a drug-dealing monkey, you name it.

2. Various scenes with nudity are pixillated, and Bill Clinton scene was cut entirely.

1. Saw “The Hangover 2” here in Bangkok tonight. A few thoughts: The version showing here appears edited…

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