Spotted in Surat Thani: sign for coffee, tea…and Lady Gaga

Spotted by A outside a cafe near the Surat Thani airport recently:

2011 04 08 lady gaga surat thani

It says:

Swiss coffee

— Caramel latte
— Americano
— Lychee tea
— Sandwich
Lady GaGa

(Emphasis mine.)

We are both perplexed as to the sign’s possible meaning. Is the proprietor advertising that Lady Gaga music is available inside? Or is the Lady Gaga some sort of coffee drink? What kind of cafe has wontons?

Any guesses are welcome. Leave a comment below.

I noted that the sign reminds me a Thai-style William Carlos Williams poem:

so much depends


lychee tea?

have a
wonton, baby.

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