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More on last week’s deadly explosion in Nonthaburi

Last week I mentioned, briefly, the deadly explosion in the Bangkok suburb of Nonthaburi. Four people were killed in what seems to have been an accidental detonation of a bomb that was being assembled by a reported red shirt supporter.

Here’s a detailed post from Bangkok Pundit that examines the facts and provides some analysis. Worth a read. From the conclusion:

There is evidence that Samai was a red shirt whether he was a guard or not and to link to the explosion – his room, he signed the rental papers (as per a copy shown on Channel 3’s Sahm Miti news program), he has experienced with fixing electrical appliances, and he was in the room at the time. It does not suggest a very sophisticated operation – the rent on the apartment was a mere 1,000 Baht a month and the equipment shown on TV looks very rudimentary. Nevertheless, there is evidence and circumstantial evidence to support the government’s continued position that the red shirts are behind some of the various explosions. Where to now?

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