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Red shirts and pro-government demonstrators in Silom

Red shirt protesters, supporters of the government, and army troops have converged on an intersection in Silom, at the mouth of Bangkok’s financial district.

No violence has taken place, though when I was there, earlier this evening, there was some tension in the air. The red shirts were dancing to loud rock music, while the pro-government crowds across the intersection were themselves chanting and cheering

The red shirts with whom I spoke told me they are “defending” their main protest site, at the Rajaprasong intersection, after the soldiers were positioned in Silom. This came after red shirts leaders announced their plans to march to the area.

The reds have constructed a large barricade made of bamboo and automobile tires on the Lumphini Park side of Silom.

The demonstrators with whom I spoke said they did not possess guns or bombs, and that — as many of them have said to me in the past — they are fighting for democracy.

The anti-government “no color” demonstrators, meanwhile (see the last image below), were positioned on the Silom side of the intersection. They expressed their dislike for the red shirts, and collected money among themselves to buy water and food for the troops.

These “no colors” told me they love the king, and that Thaksin and the red shirts want to create a Thai republic.

Here are some images from tonight. And here’s the full photoset.

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Update — April 22: fixed link to full photoset…

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