Happy Thanksgiving


I’ll be writing more about this soon, but I wanted to share a quick cell phone pic of my contribution to this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

Yes, that’s what you think it is: My attempt at re-creating my Aunt Cee Cee’s Cece’s ((Update: correction made Nov. 27. For shame. I’ve been spelling my Aunt Cece’s name incorrectly all these years. Thanks to my brother C and my Aunt Meg for the tip!)) famous South Carolina pecan pie, which I have previously raved about. Aunt Cee Cee Cece was kind enough to pass along the recipe. The dish did not disappoint. More on this topic soon.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

Update 2: Nov. 27 — here are a few more pics of the pecan pie. I cannot share the recipe as it’s a closely-guarded family secret (!), but here’s how the process looked. It’s fairly straightforward.

The raw ingredients. From left to right: pecans, vanilla extract, brown sugar, eggs, salt, butter, milk, and flour.

Everything is ready to mix…

The pecans are aligned in the pie shell… ((And before you ask: No, I did not make the pie shell from scratch.))

The mixture is poured into the pie shell — and notice how the pecans, oh so beautifully, float to the top…

Into the oven…

And cooling.

Add whipped cream — or for a more authentic American touch, Cool Whip! — and serve. Simply delicious.

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