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As I’ve mentioned before, I often post short snippets about Thailand — and other topics — on Twitter. (You can find my dispatches here, and you can see my recent Twitter activity on the right side of this page, under “Twitter Updates.”)

I’ll continue to share longer thoughts, such as my April 15th post about Thai politics, here on

I’m not, of course, the only Thailand-based Twitterer. Here’s a list of some other folks who you might consider following if you’re looking for local perspectives. I’ve also included a few other Twitter-related resources at the bottom.

Note: This list isn’t exhaustive, but these are some folks who’ve caught my eye:

Individual Twitter users:

  • @bangkokpundit — author of the Bangkok Pundit blog.
  • @thai101 — Rikker Dockum, “Fulbright grantee researching the ancient Thai language.”
  • @wise_kwai — “News and views on Thai film and culture.”
  • @smartbrain — “Yellowshirt psyops leader, loves Cake”
  • @luke_bkk — “Luke Hubbard: Creative hacker living in bangkok working for a new media agency.”
  • @Anasuya — “TV news correspondent.”
  • @bangkok — “If I’d wear a shirt right now, it would be rainbow-colored.”
  • @thaicam — a “BKK-based news junkie.”
  • @suthichai — “editor-in-chief of nation group.”
  • @jonrussell — Jon Russell, “Freelance writer basking in the sun in Thailand.”
  • @mscofino — Kim Cofino, “21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School Bangkok, Thailand.”
  • @travelhappy — Chris Mitchell, “British scuba journalist based in Thailand.”

English-language media

  • In terms of local English-languate media, both The Nation newspaper (@nation) and the Bangkok Post (@bangkokpost) have Twitter feeds, though the Post’s tweets, unfortunately, don’t include URLs to their stories. Correction: the Bangkok Post is Twittering — with URLs — here: @bangkok_post

WeFollow and hashtags

  • You can also search Twitter for “Bangkok,” “Thailand,” or any other term. During the recent unrest, Twitter users employed the #redshirt hashtag to label material relating to the anti-government protests.

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