Thaksin asset ruling: Images from Thailand’s Supreme Court today

Thailand’s Supreme Court ruled a few hours ago that Thaksin must surrender $1.4 of $2.3 billion in frozen assets. Here’s an NYT story with the details: The Supreme Court on Friday confiscated $1.4 billion in frozen assets from the fugitive former prime minister, Thaksin Sinawatra, after finding him guilty of illegally concealing his ownership of […]

Thaksin asset verdict: today’s front pages

Here’s quick look at the front pages of today’s Bangkok Post and the Nation: The Bangkok Post went with a photo of the Thaksin family and the headline “CRISIS here to stay.” It’s below the fold in the (crappy cell phone) image here, but a pull-quote for the lead story ((Note that the Post‘s Web […]

More on tomorrow’s Thaksin asset ruling: NYT and WSJ stories of note

Two more stories I wanted to point out as we approach tomorrow’s verdict on ousted ex-Prime Minister Thaksin’s frozen assets. First, the New York Times has this piece: “Thailand Bracing for Ruling on Thaksin’s Assets“: It begins: Friday is “judgment day” in Thailand, with a court set to decide whether to confiscate $2.3 billion in […]

Anticipation of Friday’s court ruling on Thaksin’s assets

I’ll be writing more about this in future posts, but for the time being, I wanted to point out this WSJ story from today: “Thailand Braces for Thaksin Ruling.” It provides a good overview of the anticipation surrounding Friday’s supreme court ruling on Thaksin’s assets: Thailand’s leaders are bracing themselves for possible unrest Friday, when […]

Thai government: GT200 bomb detectors don’t work

AP: Thailand: British-made bomb detectors unreliable Tests conducted by Thailand’s government have found that British-made bomb detectors it bought for a total of $21 million have an accuracy rate of only 20 percent, but they will continue to be used, officials said Tuesday. Thailand has bought more than 700 of the GT200 devices since 2004 […]

Where to eat in Bangkok, by Austin Bush

Visitors who are new to Thailand and have culinary questions about the Thai capital should check out “Where to eat in Bangkok 2010,” a new post by Austin Bush. I can tell you from personal experience that Austin has a great deal of knowledge about Thai cuisine, and he has a good feel for what […]

Two WSJ stories: New ASEAN hoops league, and NK weapons crew

Two Thailand-related stories that I was too busy to post on Fri., but which I wanted to point out: WSJ: “Long Shot: The New Asean Basketball League Tries to Win Over the Thais.” Sports has always had its share of lovable long shots, plucky underdogs that fans pull for despite the odds, or even because […]

The red shirt movement, the Thai government, and potential protests

As we approach the Feb. 26 court verdict in the Thaksin asset case, there has been much speculation — in the local media and from the Thai government — about upcoming Red Shirt protests. What form will the demonstrations take? When will they happen? Will they turn violent? The Thai government has listed the steps […]

Nine links to share

Some So many links to share. So little time. Herewith, several items that have caught my eye of late: Economist: “Laid-off lawyers, cast-off consultants.“ AFP: “Diehard Thaksin loyalist paints rural Thailand red.” GlobalPost: “Thailand: Amid coup buzz, Thai army chief heads to Pentagon.” WSJ: “Last Taboo in English Football: Playing Footsie With Mate’s Mate.” The […]