Link: Michael Cohen Deals a Blow to His Former Boss

The WSJ‘s Gerald Seib, who knows a thing or two about DC, on yesterday’s stunning events (snips from the piece, with my emphasis): Yet the contours of the story Mr. Cohen obliquely referred to—payoffs to two young women who alleged extramarital affairs with Mr. Trump—aren’t hard to understand. Some in Mr. Trump’s orbit had long […]

Weekend Watercolors: Bangkok Temples

The latest in my ongoing weekend attempts to master* the watercolor medium. Here we see temples in Bangkok, with skyscrapers in the background, done from a reference photo. I like that I was able to keep everything in proportion in the line drawing. I’d hoped for bolder, more saturated colors, but couldn’t seem to produce […]

Gone Fishin’

As I mentioned in my previous edition of Newley’s Notes, I’ll be on summer holiday for the next couple of weeks. Back at you later this month!

5 Most Popular Posts from 2017

Here are the five most popular posts from last year, measured by number of visits. What proved to be most-clicked were largely my personal dispatches about matters like the late, great Ashely, and our various travels: Ashley, 2008–2017 – A tribute to our beloved Bangkok street dog, who died on March 7. My Top […]

New Delhi Smog Update: At Least the Temps are Dropping

So, what’s up with the air pollution here in New Delhi? Here’s an update: It’s still bad. The PM2.5 reading yesterday morning was in the 300s. Which is not good. But it’s not all terrible news. Winter temps are here, which I love. Lows are dropping down to the 50s Fahrenheit, which is about 10 […]

Story of the Day, Arkansas Pug Tuxedo Edition

The AP reports: A former administrative assistant to an Arkansas county official has pleaded guilty to fraudulent use of a credit card after prosecutors accused her of using public money to buy personal items, including a tuxedo for her pet pug. Lest you think all the purchases were frivolous, among them were not just diamond […]

Weekend Sketching: Pen and Ink is Therapeutic 

After sketching in pencil the other weekend — and toiling forever to get the angles right — I decided to ditch the graphite this time and go straight to pen and ink.  It felt liberating.  With ink, provided you don’t put down any pencil lines first, you have to just commit and draw. There’s much […]

Image of the Day: Map of China, Seen from the East

Can’t say I’d ever contemplated the country from this perspective. Via Marginal Revolution. Christopher Jared, who apparently sent in the image, writes in the comments: I have used this perspective of China for insight many times. Look at the proximity of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and then what is in the middle? A large green, fertile […]

Why I’m Excited about Manton Reece’s Microblogging Effort

I’ve always wanted to find a way to easily include small bits of text or images here on that I would otherwise post only on silos owned Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I’m talking about links, observations, snapshots — not full blog posts, which I’ll continue to write, but rather fun little snippets that I’d […]