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🍗 NN 154: Flipkart CEO Out; More Facebook Revelations; Turkey Day Bonus: Aunt Cece’s Pecan Pie Recipe

Here are ten items worth your time this week:

⛔ 1. By me and my colleague Sarah Nassauer: Walmart’s Flipkart CEO Steps Down in Wake of Misconduct Allegation. Binny Bansal, an India startup icon, is out.

💰 2. Also by me, with my colleague Corinne Abrams: India’s Top Payments App Faces Challenge From Google and WhatsApp. The lede:

India’s biggest mobile-payments startup, Paytm, has wooed hundreds of millions of users and attracted investment from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The biggest challenge for its charismatic founder, 40-year-old Vijay Shekhar Sharma, lies ahead: Keeping Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp at bay as they push into India, the world’s hottest new market for mobile money.

🌄 3. By me at Excellent Climbing Documentary: ‘Valley Uprising’ — Worth a watch, even if you’re not into the sport.

🔍 4. Shot: Big tech story this week: Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis [NY Times]. Here are the Times‘s six takeaways.

😠 5. Chaser: With Facebook at ‘War,’ Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style [WSJ] — “Mr. Zuckerberg’s new approach is causing unprecedented turmoil atop Facebook, driving several key executives from the company, according to people familiar with the matter,” reports my colleague Deepa Seetharaman.

✈️ 6. Thanksgiving travel-related story of the week: Flying over the Thanksgiving holiday? You could help set a record: [ABC News] — More than 30 million people could travel over Turkey Day weekend this year, a new milestone.

😋 7. Thanksgiving side dish-related graphic of the week: Here’s What Your Part Of America Eats On Thanksgiving [FiveThiryEight] — Wait: Salad?!

👖 8. Fashion-related story of the week: The Sneaky Way Clothing Brands Hooked Men on Stretch Jeans [The Atlantic] — Note: I will keep my Levi’s 501s, thank you. Is nothing sacred?

📈 9. Uplifting chart of the week: Human history, in one chart [Vox] — 2018 got you feeling down? Repeat after me: Things. Are. Getting. Better (in the macro sense)!

👶 10. Dog video of the week: Everything’s terrible, so here’s a kid losing the most adorable fight ever [@RobertMaguire_]. Awesome.

🍰 BONUS THANKSGIVING LINK: Pecan Pie in Singapore? Don’t Mind If I Do! [WSJ, no paywall] — My piece from 2014, featuring my Aunt Cece’s famous pecan pie recipe and other goodies.

👊 Fist bump from New Delhi,

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