Ecuadorian Slang

UPDATE: January 24, 2011 — The link below appears to be broken. Here’s a different compendium that seems to contain many of the same words.

Chuta! Here’s a fabulous list of Ecuadorian slang. It’s full of gems — although I’d add a few choice words I remember from my year at latitude zero. Namely, buenaso (really good) and sigue no mas (go ahead).

I’m actually delighted to have come across this, as I assumed that a few of these were not specific to Ecuador — I thought they were standard Spanish. In the future, I’ll be sure not to ask for, say, canguil (popcorn) at a movie theatre in Mexico. Or say mande (huh?) to a Honduran.

Most telling definition: “Cholo: 1) A person with mixed race (indigenous and spanish) 2) Insult.”

Definition that evokes the most unpleasant memories: chuchaqui (hungover). I always wondered how you spelled that.

(Link via Gridskipper.)

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I love everyone’s stories about finding this collection of Ecuadorian slang. And thanks, Mook, for adding the two categories of “chuchaqui.” Hadn’t heard those. 🙂

I was a student in Quito for a couple semesters, I remember the kids adding “f” and “j” at the end of words, like “Síf” instead of “Sí pues” and “Quitof” instead of “Quito”, and saying stuff like “señorj.”

OOO, and the reason I really was here was to make sure I could remember “hangover” was “chuchaquí”, but I also remember now there being “chuchaquí moral y chuchaquí física”, depending on your night before 🙂

hahahahaha so I was sitting on my computer applying for jobs in Boston, wishing I was back traveling and South America, and I got homesick for Quito, typed in Chuta madre, and this came up! I love it, I was actually in tears laughing 🙂

What an absolute crack up! You have to hear how I found this site. Myself and my Ecuadorian husband (we now live in Australia), have been on a 16 month sojourn around the world…..we are now looking for work… BORING compared to what we have been up to recently! I was so bored that I wrote “abombe” in the search bar……..and up comes your web site! We have spent the last 10 minutes on the floor!
Thanks for a damn good laugh
PS Might you add “jue pu!!!!!”

Gracias, blue. Su sito del web es muy CHEVERE. Esta noche voy a beber unos CANELOSOS y comer mucho CANGUIL (y CUY). Permo manana estare muy CHUCHAQUI…

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