Amazing Video: Hippo Devouring a Watermelon in One Bite

This Vine, embedded above and online here, is mesmerizing. I saw it posted to Twitter recently. There’s a slightly longer version, with an alternate — and more frightening, given how close the camera is to the creature’s maw — view on YouTube here. And then there’s the original video, which includes a bit more footage […]

Fun Friday Link: Video of ‘Zebra’ Escape in Tokyo

Embedded above and on YouTube here: Workers at a zoo in Tokyo this week held a biannual drill to prepare for a potential zebra escape. Playing the part of the escapee: a zookeeper in a zebra costume. My favorite part is when the creature is “shot,” presumably by a tranquilizer gun, and falls slowly to […]

Very Cool: Video Footage of NYC from the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Embedded above and on YouTube here: footage of New York City from 1896 through 1905. Via Kottke.

All 6 ‘Star Wars’ Films Shown at Once

I see your “Dark Side of the Rainbow” and raise you two hours and twenty two minutes of galactic beauty and strangeness. Embedded above and on YouTube here: “Star Wars Wars: All 6 Films At Once.” There are also some pretty cool stills available here. Related fun stuff: Twelve hours of Death Star ambient audio. […]

Top 233 Viral Videos of 2014 — in Under 7 Minutes

Embedded above and on YouTube here: “Best of Web 7 – HD – Zapatou,” by Luc Bergeron. (Via MWT.)

Vine of the Day: ‘Best Wezer cover ever’

Embedded above and on Vine here: “Best Weezer cover ever.” There’s a longer version on YouTube, as well. But I prefer the simplicy of the Vine. (Backstory: Apparently this wonderful bit of music recital silliness isn’t new, but it’s new to me.)

Video of the Day: LEGO Particle Accelerator

Embedded above and on YouTube here: This is a working particle accelerator built using LEGO bricks. I call it the LBC (Large Brick Collider). It can accelerate a LEGO soccer ball to just over 12.5 kilometers per hour. By JK Brickworks. (Via.)

Video of the Day

YouTube user sciu89: Walter, is a Labrador. He’s a special dog, who really loves the sea! Video made with Go Pro Hero 3+ This is so awesome.

Video of the Day: “Space Oddity,” Covered…in Space

Embedded above and on YouTube here: “Space Oddity,” by Chris Hadfield.