Twitter accounts for following snowstorm Nemo as it approaches NYC

A big snowstorm, Nemo*, is now making landfall in the Northeast. I just Tweeted some NYC-specific Twitter accounts worth following, and thought I’d share them here as well: 1. #FF NYC #NEMO storm resources: @mtainsider @notifynyc @nycgov @nycarecs @nwsnewyorkny @conedison @nycmayorsoffice @nyc_dot @ny_njairports — Newley Purnell (@newley) February 8, 2013 2. #FF NYC #NEMO storm […]

More on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

A quick follow up on my post yesterday highlighting the BBC video report on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver and social media maven. Thanks to Byron at Coconuts Bangkok for getting in touch to say that his site has also run items on Khun Dejchat. The first post provides an overview of Dejchat’s […]

BBC Story on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

The BBC has a video report today on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver who has become renowned for his blogging and Tweeting: His mode of transport is one of Bangkok’s most basic – the motorbike. But it is Dejchat Phuangket’s command of cutting edge technology that has turned him into Thailand’s most famous […]

Thailand Government and Twitter Censorship

The AP reports today: Thailand is welcoming Twitter’s new policy to censor tweets in specific nations where the content might break laws. Technology minister Anudith Nakornthap said Monday the new policy was a “constructive” development. The Southeast Asian country routinely blocks websites with content deemed offensive to the Thai monarchy. Jon Russell has more at […]

Off topic: “RE TWEET ME” T-shirt for Sale in Bangkok

I wanted to share this cell phone picture of a T-shirt I spotted at a market in Bangkok’s Silom neighborhood last night. Yes, it says “RE TWEET ME.” Further proof — as if any were needed — of Twitter’s global influence. Naturally, I Tweeted the pic, and Twitter user @_JustMelissa posted the excellent image below […]

Osama Bin Ladin killed: how the news spread

A few links to share about today’s big news: Brian Stelter, in the NYT, on how the news broke: The terse announcement came just after 9:45 p.m. Sunday from Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “POTUS to address the nation tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern Time,” he wrote on Twitter, sharing the same message […]

Reminder: Twitter list of Thailand journalists and commentators

Just a quick note, in these times of ongoing Thailand-Cambodia clashes, that I maintain a public Twitter list of Thailand journalists and commentators. There are currently 40 members. You’ll find print and TV reporters, both foreign and Thai, as well as various writers, bloggers, and other observers here. The list is, I hope, a helpful […]