Thailand flooding: Is this 2011 all over again? Probably not

With tropical storm Wutip bringing downpours to Thailand, are we likely to face massive 2011– style floods all over again? It’s not looking that way. The AP puts things in perspective: Thai authorities said Tuesday that floods have killed more than 20 people and affected areas across the country over the past two weeks, though […]

Will Bangkok Flood Again This Year?

It’s possible, says one expert in Thailand. But a look at water levels in Thailand’s dams reveals that they seem to have plenty of capacity at this point. A story in today’s Bangkok Post says: Bangkok is at risk of flooding from heavy downpours caused by an unusually lengthy monsoon trough period and an imminent […]

Bangkok Post: Environmental Group Seeks to Stop Industiral Estate Flood Walls

Just a quick note: A story in today’s Bangkok Post caught my eye. It says: Industrial estate operators are hitting back at activists seeking a court order to halt anti-flood dyke construction, saying the work is urgent and needed to regain investor confidence. The Stop Global Warming Association is today asking the Central Administrative Court […]

Self-promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Thailand Flood Prevention Measures

I have a new story today at The Wall Street Journal’s Southeast Asia Real Time blog. The headline is “As Rainy Season Approaches, Thailand Focuses on Floods,” and the story begins: The Thai government says it is taking steps to prevent a repeat of last year’s massive flooding. But experts warn that some of the […]

NY Times on Thailand’s Supply Chain Issues Following Floods

A recent New York Times story says: KHLONG LUANG, Thailand — The floodwaters receded weeks ago from this sprawling industrial zone, but the streets are littered with detritus, the phones do not work and rusted machinery has been dumped outside warehouses that once buzzed with efficiency. Before Thailand’s great flood of 2011, companies like Panasonic, […]

Self promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Thailand Tourism and the Floods

I have a new story today at the WSJ‘s Southeast Asia Real Time blog. It’s called “Despite Floods, Thailand Poised for Tourism Record,” and begins: Thailand’s vital tourism industry has suffered terribly from the massive floods that continue to drain slowly from Bangkok’s suburbs. Remarkably, however, the country is poised to set a record for […]

Self-promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Flooding and Ayutthaya’s Temples

I have a story today on the Wall St. Journal‘s Southeast Asia Real Time blog called “Repairing Ayutthaya’s Ancient Temples.” It begins: The famed temples in Thailand’s ancient city of Ayutthaya were the country’s most prominent tourist sites to be hit during recent severe flooding. The water has now largely drained from the area, and […]

Infographic: How Does Thailand’s Flooding Compare to other Disasters?

Thanks to reader D for passing along this infographic showing the scale of Thailand’s ongoing flooding. The graphic was created by David McCandless, of the well known data visualization site Information is Beautiful. For a bigger image — and to see how Thailand’s flooding compares to other disasters, click through to the The Guardian’s DataBlog. […]

Thailand flooding update November 22, 2011: Waters draining slowly

Just briefly: I have received emails asking for an update on the flooding situation here in Thailand. So here goes: Summary In short, there’s not much new to report. Waters are reportedly draining slowly from affected areas, which are generally Bangkok’s western and northern outskirts. This Nov. 12 WSJ map shows that the parts of […]

Thailand flooding update November 18, 2011: Floodwaters receding, but suffering continues

Here’s the latest as of 7:30 p.m. today, Fri. November 18, 2011. Note: There have been two interesting non-flooding-related developments here in Thailand and within the region recently. First, the Thai government has reportedly discussed a pardon that could allow Thaksin to return. And second, President Obama said today that Sec. of State Clinton will […]