Images from today’s red shirt blood protest

Here are some photos from the red shirts’ blood protest here in Bangkok today. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. Here’re the details from, NPR, and the WSJ. In brief: thousands of demonstrators began donating blood at about 8:30 a.m. today at the main rally site, near Rajadamnoen Rd. The blood […]

Red shirt protests: images from Sun. and Mon.

Here are some images from the red shirt protests here in Bangkok today (Mon., March 15) and yesterday (Sun., March 14). Some of these images are from the demonstration at the 11th infantry regiment complex (story from AP here) north of Bangkok today. Others are are of the scenes at Victory Monument today and the […]

Two quick videos of yesterday’s red shirt protests

In addition to the images of the red shirt protests I posted yesterday, I wanted to share a couple of mobile phone videos I shot. ((Gadget-related aside: Yes, I took these with my trusty Nokia E71. Its keypad may be too small, but its multimedia capabilities and web browsing are decent.)) These videos are far […]

Red shirt protests in Bangkok: day one

Thailand’s anti-government red shirt protesters began gathering here in Bangkok today. All in all, it was a surprisingly quiet day. The demonstrations, as we know, are expected to culminate with — red shirts say — a protest comprising one million participants on Sun., March 14. Many observers, however, doubt that the reds will be able […]

Looking ahead to this weekend’s red shirt protest

Bangkok Post: “Govt lowers security net“: The cabinet is due today to endorse the invoking of the Internal Security Act to cover all of Bangkok ahead of the red shirt rally this weekend. Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, in charge of national security, yesterday said the security monitoring committee would forward its recommendation to invoke […]

Thaksin asset ruling: Images from Thailand’s Supreme Court today

Thailand’s Supreme Court ruled a few hours ago that Thaksin must surrender $1.4 of $2.3 billion in frozen assets. Here’s an NYT story with the details: The Supreme Court on Friday confiscated $1.4 billion in frozen assets from the fugitive former prime minister, Thaksin Sinawatra, after finding him guilty of illegally concealing his ownership of […]

Thaksin asset verdict: today’s front pages

Here’s quick look at the front pages of today’s Bangkok Post and the Nation: The Bangkok Post went with a photo of the Thaksin family and the headline “CRISIS here to stay.” It’s below the fold in the (crappy cell phone) image here, but a pull-quote for the lead story ((Note that the Post‘s Web […]

More on tomorrow’s Thaksin asset ruling: NYT and WSJ stories of note

Two more stories I wanted to point out as we approach tomorrow’s verdict on ousted ex-Prime Minister Thaksin’s frozen assets. First, the New York Times has this piece: “Thailand Bracing for Ruling on Thaksin’s Assets“: It begins: Friday is “judgment day” in Thailand, with a court set to decide whether to confiscate $2.3 billion in […]

Anticipation of Friday’s court ruling on Thaksin’s assets

I’ll be writing more about this in future posts, but for the time being, I wanted to point out this WSJ story from today: “Thailand Braces for Thaksin Ruling.” It provides a good overview of the anticipation surrounding Friday’s supreme court ruling on Thaksin’s assets: Thailand’s leaders are bracing themselves for possible unrest Friday, when […]