Recent Thailand stories

Some recent Thailand stories of note: Thailand Targets Protests’ Financial Backing — WSJ Thailand Attracts Investment Despite Turmoil — NYT/IHT Thailand opens hotline for crisis suggestions — ABC News/AFP Thai government wines and dines ‘best friends’ (AP) Thailand Has `Upside’ Potential as Tourism Rebounds, Finance Minister Says — Bloomberg US House urges peaceful end to […]

Thailand: some news stories since May 19

Here are a few news stories that have caught my eye since the events of May 19 here in Bangkok. ((As a reminder, here are my images of the Rajaprasong intersection aftermath.)) As ever, a link is not an endorsement, but these should provide some interesting reading. And as I recently asked on Twitter, if […]

Rogue army general Seh Daeng shot

Khattiya Sawasdipol — the rogue army general and red shirt leader better known as “Seh Daeng” — was shot in the head here in Bangkok last night. It’s unclear who is responsible for the shooting. He is in the hospital and is in critical condition. Seh Daeng, whose nickname means “Commander Red,” is sympathetic to […]

Images from red shirt demonstrations at Rajaprasong last week (and the latest news)

Below are some images of the red shirt demonstrations that I snapped on Friday, May 7. I haven’t had a chance to post these photos until now, but I thought they’d be helpful in providing a sense of how things looked at the red shirts’ protest site as of several days ago. But first, the […]

Red shirts and Thai government: still at an impasse

Red Shirt leaders say they won’t leave the Rajaprasong protest site ((Again, Bangkok protest site maps are here and here. And my photos from Rajaprasong and elsewhere are here (May 1), here (April 6), and here (April 4).)) until an exact date for potential new elections is set. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva earlier proposed Nov. […]

Observations and questions as the red shirt protests come to an end (for now)

Now that the red shirt protests have come to an end (or paused?) ((The demonstrations seem to be over for now, that is. The red shirts say they’ll be back on Sat., March 27.)), here’s the question: What now? Here are a few observations and questions, many of which I expect to re-visit in subsequent […]

Red shirt protesters march around Bangkok today

Red shirt protesters will be touring Bangkok today, taking their protests from Rajadamnoen Rd. to various parts of the city. The Bangkok Post has the details. And there’s more from Reuters. In other news, this week’s Economist will not be distributed in Thailand due to an article about the Thai monarchy. Reuters explains. And VOA […]

Self promotion: Blood protest pics featured on BoingBoing

Things have been relatively quiet here in Bangkok today. So I don’t have much new to share. But I did want to point out that the images I snapped of the bizarre blood protests here in Bangkok have been picked up by the uber-blog BoingBoing. Take a look at the (46 and counting) comments. The […]

Thailand blood protest: images from the prime minister’s house today

Here are my images from today’s red shirt “blood protest” — is that an official term now? — at the prime minister’s house. You can find the details in this BBC story. And there’s more from GlobalPost and AP. I have a short video of the blood dousing incident itself, and will try to share […]