A Few Odds and Ends

Here are some items from the last several days that I wanted to point out, at least belatedly: On Aung San Suu Kyi and reforms in Myanmar: The AP provides the context on Aung San Suu Kyi’s parliamentary swearing in today: Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was sworn in to Myanmar’s military-backed parliament Wednesday, […]

Luke Cassady-Dorion on “Farang Pok Pok”

I’d been meaning to point this out for a while: Luke Cassady-Dorion began hosting a Thai-language TV show back in January. It’s called “Farang Pok Pok.” Luke is a Bangkok-based American yoga teacher, ex-software engineer, and skilled linguist. In each episode, Luke heads out into the countryside to meet local people and embark on various […]

Thai translations of Oscar-winning movie titles

Thai 101 has an amusing collection of (mostly) literal Thai translations of 2008 Oscar-winning films: Thai titles for western films are sometimes corny, sometimes spoilery, and always entertaining. Especially when you translate them back into English. They have a style of their own. Most typically, a subtitle is added to give local viewers a better […]

How to Learn Thai

Many months ago, Newley.com reader Paul D., who lives in California, asked me for advice on learning Thai. While I’m not an expert and certainly not an advanced speaker, here’s a slightly expanded version of what I told him based on my experience as an enthusiastic — but far from talented — student. I invite […]