Around the web: August 25th to August 30th

Some links that have caught my eye of late: Facebook Exodus [] — "Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. Facebook, the online social grid, could not command loyalty forever…" Bumpy Pitch — retro US soccer shirts. — Very cool. Love the Beth Steel FC tee, especially. The Chart of Fantasy Art [The Publisher Files] […]

Vintage Mobile Phones

For sale in the UK: Vintage mobile phones. What more is there to say? Simply awesome. The Motorola DynaTac 8000, pictured above, is reminiscent of the model that Michael Douglas (aka Gordon Gekko) barks into while walking along the beach in 1987’s Wall Street*. *How come no one told me there’s a sequel in the […]

Asus eee pc: 10 observations

If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. — Frank Lloyd Wright A gave me a supremely cool gadget for Christmas: The Asus Eee PC. I’ve been using this most compelling toy subnotebook productivity tool for over three months now. Here are 10 things you need to know about […]

Question Box

Question Box is a simple means for allowing people living in rural India to access the Web: Question box is a simple telephone intercom. Its purpose is to connect people to the Internet. It requires no literacy or computer skills. Users place a free call by pushing the green button. They connect to an operator […]

Big Think

Big Think is a sort of YouTube for intelligent debate, with public intellectuals weighing in on a variety of topics. The New York Times has the back story. Related deep-thinking site (but with more text and fewer videos):, a longtime favorite of mine. (Thanks to BA for the link.)

The Future as Seen from 1978

The Usborne Book of the Future was published in 1978 and envisions the world in the year 2000 “and beyond.” Some of my favorite predictions include: — the human-robot space exploration teams, — military troops transported by rocket and then dispatched via armed “hovercars,” — these crustacean-like aliens pondering high-tech crystal balls, — (under the […]

Uncle Mark’s Gift Guide and Almanac 2008

Mark Hurst writes one of my favorite blogs, Good Experience. It’s all about customer experience and usability — essentially, how organizations can create products, services, and Web sites that are more helpful and easier to use. For the past five years, Hurst has put together Uncle Mark’s Gift Guide and Almanac. The 2008 edition is […]

Kim Jong Il: “I am an Internet expert”

AFP: Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has boasted of being an “Internet expert,” reports said Saturday. The communist state keeps itself closed to the outside world to prevent so-called spiritual pollution from subverting its hardline socialist system. Kim told delegates at this week’s historic inter-Korean summit his Internet expertise made him reluctant to allow […]

How to download Skype and get up and running

I get a lot of questions about Skype — people ask me how it works and how I use it. So here’s a description of my setup. I’ve found Skype to be enormously helpful in communicating with friends, family, and colleagues all over the world. And I’m amazed that so many of my friends — […]’s Ask the Pilot on the Phuket Plane Crash

In today’s Ask the Pilot, a column, the author tackles “wind shear, aging planes and the safety of budget airlines.” (Image via