‘Bangkok Airport’ — Trailer for New Show Coming to BBC Three

Given my many previous posts about Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point this out. Embedded above and on YouTube here: A trailer for “Bangkok Airport,” a series of six hour-long shows about the facility and the people who work there and pass through it. It looks…quite entertaining. Thailand Uber-blogger Richard Barrow […]

Thai Airways Plane Veers Off Suvarnabhumi Runway; 13 Injured

Happened late last night (Sunday night), Bangkok Post reports. Flight TG679, from Guangzhou. Nose gear collapsed; plane slid off runway At least 13 injured Delays expected today (Monday) at Suvarnabhumi airport The Bangkok Post reports: A Thai Airways International flight from China veered off the runway as it arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport Sunday, and the […]

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Runway Repairs at Suvarnabhumi

The story is here, and begins: Runway repairs at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport are causing flight delays, and a global airline association says carriers and passengers could be significantly affected in the weeks ahead.

AOT Expanding Suvarnabhumi by One Third

As if there weren’t enough happening here in Thailand at the moment… Here’s an announcement that will be welcome news to travelers: The AOT says it’s expanding Suvarnabhumi international airport by one third. Reuters reports: Airports of Thailand Pcl is to spend about $1.9 billion over the next five years to expand capacity at Bangkok’s […]

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport: In the News

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport has been the subject of several recent news stories about the facility’s long immigration lines and overall congestion: The Bangkok Post reported last Monday that the country’s Immigration Bureau says the lengthy queues are due to unmanageable passenger volume. On Thursday, the Post said that “female riot police officers” will help ease […]

Authorities to revamp Bangkok’s airport

I wanted to point out, quickly, this intriguing AP story from Monday about a plan to revamp Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi International airport: Baggage handlers at Thailand’s main airport now wear uniforms with pockets sewn shut to prevent pilfering. Police are hauling away illegal taxi touts. And cushions are being added to metal seats at departure gates […]

Bangkok airport to reopen

Here’s the latest news from Bangkok: — Yesterday (Tues.) a court ruled that Thailand’s governing party must disband. The prime minister has now been forced from office. (Demonstrators had said they wouldn’t leave the airport until the PM quits.) — Anti-government protesters announced yesterday that they’ll cease their protests at the international airport today (Wed.). […]

The scene at Thailand’s U-Tapao airport: my AFP story

Bangkok’s international airport remains closed today, and it’s unclear when flights will resume. Yesterday I visited U-Tapao airport, about two hours southeast of Bangkok, where some international flights have been arriving and landing. Here’s an AFP story I wrote about the scene there: AFP/Bangkok Post: “At U-Tapao: ‘They have killed tourism’“

Bangkok’s international airport closed

AP/WSJ: “Protesters Force Bangkok Airport to Suspend Takeoffs” Anti-government demonstrators swarmed Bangkok’s international airport late Tuesday — halting departing flights — as opponents and supporters of Thailand’s government fought running battles in the streets of the city. Minutes after outbound flights at Suvarnabhumi International Airport were suspended, hundreds of demonstrators — some masked and armed […]