The Future as Seen from 1978

The Usborne Book of the Future was published in 1978 and envisions the world in the year 2000 “and beyond.” Some of my favorite predictions include: — the human-robot space exploration teams, — military troops transported by rocket and then dispatched via armed “hovercars,” — these crustacean-like aliens pondering high-tech crystal balls, — (under the […]

On Classic Fishing Lures, Art, and Urban Legends

Fishing tackle as objets d’art? Damn straight. Field and Stream‘s got an excellent photo gallery of the 50 Greatest Fishing Lures of All Time, many of which are simply beautiful. The Dardevle Spinnie, for example, is awfully pretty. I also love the sleek Rapala, the flamboyant Rooster Tail, the irreverent Hula Popper, and the bulbous […]

“Oral Hygiene Kit” for Pets

Jorgensen Laboratories: An innovative dental care kit where brushing is literally at your fingertips. A two-piece kit consisting of a regular style toothbrush and a rubber tipped gum massager. The plastic handle fits easily over the end of your finger for fine control of brushing. Makes a difficult job easier and increases owners compliance for […]