Mental Health Break: The Joys of a Chewbacca Mask

“That’s not me making that noise it’s the mask!” This video is amazing.

All 6 ‘Star Wars’ Films Shown at Once

I see your “Dark Side of the Rainbow” and raise you two hours and twenty two minutes of galactic beauty and strangeness. Embedded above and on YouTube here: “Star Wars Wars: All 6 Films At Once.” There are also some pretty cool stills available here. Related fun stuff: Twelve hours of Death Star ambient audio. […]

Audio of the day

There is something oddly calming — despite the underlying menace — of this Death Star ambient audio, which lasts for no less than 12 hours: This is the classic Death Star sound from Star Wars for 12 hours. Perfect for imagining that you are a Jedi working towards justice in deep space. Also great for […]