Businesses Pressured SC Gov. to Push for Confederate Flag Removal

Following up on my post from Tuesday… Here’s an interesting, behind-the-scenes bit from a WSJ story on how businesses pressured South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to ditch the Confederate flag: Ms. Haley came under significant pressure to call for the flag’s removal from leaders of multinational and South Carolina businesses after the shootings, according to […]

On the Charleston Shootings and the Confederate Flag — and Some Links for Following the Debate

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said Monday that the Confederate flag should be taken down. That comes, of course, after a white man, in a racist attack last week, killed nine African-Americans at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. Photos uncovered later showed him embracing the Confederate flag. That banner — which South Carolina hoisted […]

Journey to America, trip report number 2: Video of Duke’s BBQ

Embedded below is a 48-second YouTube video of my brother C describing our lunch at Duke’s BBQ. Duke’s serves the best Southern food I’ve ever eaten. C wrote about the place in his Top 5 restaurants in Beaufort, SC post. The audio is a bit low here, so you might want to turn up the […]

The best — and only — Thai food in Beaufort, SC

Back in January, as you might recall, my little brother C penned a guest post here at called “Top five restaurants in Beaufort, South Carolina.” C is a serious foodie, and unlike his older brother, he’s spent a lot of time in SC over the past several years. Though it didn’t make his list, […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Beaufort, SC

I asked my little brother C, who’s a serious foodie, to list his five favorite restaurants in our home town of Beaufort, South Carolina ((Beaufort, SC is my adopted home town; I moved around a lot growing up, but I spent more time in Beaufort than anywhere else. C, on the other hand, was raised […]