The Emails and Texts That Show How Badly Instagram Wants me Back

  Around February 15 – about month ago – I decided I would delete the Facebook and Instagram apps from my iPhone. I haven’t quit these services entirely, and at this point don’t immediately intend to (I can still view both via a browser). But I wanted to take a break given all I’ve been […]

Does Social Media Make TV a Better Entertainment Medium for Our Time than Film?

This snippet in Richard Brody’s recent New Yorker piece on the best movies of 2015 struck me: The cinema’s self-conscious modernity arose when its makers put a virtual mirror into its lenses and revealed the filmmaking process in the films themselves. They reflected the world around the movie within the movie, the director on the screen. […]

“A Teenager’s View on Social Media…

…Written by an actual teen.” There’s some fascinating stuff here.

Personal Blogging: Everything Old is New Again

Blogging — at one’s own custom domain, as opposed to scribbling away over at Medium or penning an email newsletter — is cool! Seriously, is it 2014, or 2004? Fred Wilson: There’s a bit of a renaissance of real personal blogging here in NYC. Two of the original NYC bloggers have, after years of writing […]

The Thai Air Logo Paint Job, Crisis Communications, and Social Media

A couple of Tweets I appended to my last post: Regarding the painting over of logos on the aircraft of @ThaiAirways flight 679. This is not in line with @staralliance crisis (1/2) — Star Alliance (@staralliance) September 9, 2013 guidelines. It would appear that the official quoted was misinformed. (2/2) — Star Alliance (@staralliance) September […]

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story about Facebook’s Popularity in Bangkok

The story is here, and begins: There are more Facebook users in Bangkok than in any other world city. That is the somewhat surprising finding of a global ranking of the social networking behemoth’s users based on their metropolitan areas. Bangkok has some 8.68 million Facebook users, followed by Jakarta (7.43 million) and Istanbul (7.07 […]

More on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

A quick follow up on my post yesterday highlighting the BBC video report on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver and social media maven. Thanks to Byron at Coconuts Bangkok for getting in touch to say that his site has also run items on Khun Dejchat. The first post provides an overview of Dejchat’s […]

BBC Story on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

The BBC has a video report today on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver who has become renowned for his blogging and Tweeting: His mode of transport is one of Bangkok’s most basic – the motorbike. But it is Dejchat Phuangket’s command of cutting edge technology that has turned him into Thailand’s most famous […]

Off topic: “RE TWEET ME” T-shirt for Sale in Bangkok

I wanted to share this cell phone picture of a T-shirt I spotted at a market in Bangkok’s Silom neighborhood last night. Yes, it says “RE TWEET ME.” Further proof — as if any were needed — of Twitter’s global influence. Naturally, I Tweeted the pic, and Twitter user @_JustMelissa posted the excellent image below […]

Off topic: Diagramming my social media involvement

While researching a story a couple of weeks back, I interviewed an expert who advises hotels on how best to use social media. He told me that some clients were starting to realize that social media is here to stay, and that they had better start making good use of it. Social media is here […]