Haze in KL

BBC: Malaysia has announced a state of emergency in two towns after air pollution reached dangerous levels. The pollution is blamed on fires lit to clear land in neighbouring Indonesia, seriously affecting air quality and visibility across the Malacca Strait. Air quality readings taken in the two towns showed pollution markers to be above the […]

The Largest WiFi Hotspot in the World is in…

Tokyo? Nope. Seoul? Uh-uh. London? No. New York? Try again. As the New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof says in his column today*, it’s in Hermiston, Oregon, a town of less than 25,000. Amazing stuff — the hotspot stretches for some 600 square miles. (My Dad lives in Pendleton, not far away.) WiFi, Oregon, Kristof, Cambodia

Nap Cap Pricing and Indigenous Indonesian Clog Wearing Customs

In an ongoing email thread, my Dad and I have been pondering an interesting question he raised: since Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch, did the native population ever take to wearing clogs? He writes: Newl- Did you notice that the NC [Ed — he’s referring, of course, to the previously-mentioned Nap Cap] is $99.95! […]