Luxury Tourism in Cambodia

Don’t miss Matt Gross’s fascinating piece in today’s New York Times detailing the rise in luxury tourism in Cambodia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia: In almost every part of the country, you can find a conceptually and architecturally ambitious hotel: In mountainous Ratanakiri, there’s the Terres Rouges Lodge, a former provincial governor’s lakeside residence that […]

More on Burma’s Weird Capital Relocation

The NYT’s Seth Mydans takes a closer look at why, exactly, Burma’s ruling military junta is moving the country’s capital 200 miles to the north. His conclusion: no one knows for sure. Could be for reasons of astrological auspiciousness; could be so the paranoid brass can ensconce themselves in the jungle in preparation for an […]

The Killing Fields Cafe

Reuters: PHNOM PENH – A new Cambodian cafe is offering diners a slice of life under the Khmer Rouge, with a menu featuring rice-water and leaves, and waitresses dressed in the black fatigues worn by Pol Pot’s ultra-Maoist guerrillas. Newly opened across the road from Phnom Penh’s notorious Tuol Sleng “S-21” Khmer Rouge interrogation and […]