Overland from Laos to Vienam — By Vespa

Great story — and images — from New Mandala (which, by the way, is an excellent blog about Southeast Asia): The Vientiane Scooter Club recently conducted its annual rally from Laos to Vietnam, a journey which saw many of its members rediscover their origins. A group of urban middle class Lao nationals of Vietnamese and […]

Thailand Has an Interim PM

Thailand now has an interim Prime Minister. Surayud Chulanont, a retired army general, was appointed yesterday. BBC: Thailand prime minister sworn in The IHT‘s Seth Mydans and Tom Fuller: Thailand’s junta said Friday that it would not interfere with the workings of the interim government it has promised to appoint. But it said it reserved […]

Thailand Coup: Did Thaksin Know it Was Coming?

AP: Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra may have whisked some of his assets out of the country aboard two aircraft days before a military coup ousted him from power, airline officials said Sunday. An official from Thai Airways International, who demanded anonymity because company policy did not allow him to speak to the press, said […]

Catch Me on KQED’s Pacific Time

UPDATE: The show has aired; you can listen to it here (it can be streamed or downloaded as an mp3). I come on after a couple of minutes. The host, Sydnie Kohara, provides some good context regarding the situation. I was just interviewed by Pacific Time, a radio program that covers “the ideas, trends and […]

Thailand’s Bloodless Coup: Nearing 48 Hours In

I spent four hours this afternoon walking around Bangkok and taking photos and talking to people. The image above very clearly illustrates the situation on the ground: Soldiers stand guard, while behind them civilians go about their daily lives. To the right, the two symbols of the nation — the country’s tri-colored flag and a […]

Bangkok Street Traffic as Seen from My Balcony

I often enjoy sitting on my second-story balcony and watching the ebb and flow of Bangkok street traffic. I don’t live on a major boulevard — my neighborhood is almost entirely residential, and what I typically see is motorcycle taxi drivers ferrying passengers to their houses, people walking out to the main road nearby, folks […]