Thai troops, redshirts clash: images from last night

Here are some images that I snapped last night. Warning: some are graphic. The full photoset also contains images from the previous day. For context on the military crackdown, see the descriptions I posted on Twitter in real-time. The AP says 18 people have been killed in the clashes. Five soldiers and 13 civilians. For […]

Update on red shirt protests and state of emergency

Here are five Thailand-related links for your edification as the red shirt protests grind on here in Bangkok: Thailand Blocks Protesters’ Sites, Media — WSJ Asia Does Thailand’s Military Answer to the Government? — The End of the Thai Fairy Tale — op-ed in the WSJ Asia. ((Note: this link may be subscriber-only, depending […]

Red shirt rally continues…

Quick note: As you’re probably aware, the red shirts continue to rally here in Bangkok today. (Google News has some relevant stories.) In a striking scene, red shirts confronted police who had massed on Langsuan Rd., near Rajaprasong intersection, this morning. The demonstrators essentially chanted and sang songs and beat drums and blew horns until […]

Red shirts occupy Rajaprasong intersection: photos from today

Red shirt protesters moved their demonstrations to the middle of Bangkok’s central business district yesterday (Sat.), shutting down the Rajaprasong intersection. This is one of the Thai capital’s crucial intersections, where Phloenchit Road (lower Sukhumvit) and Rajadamri Roads bisect one another, and where the Chidlom Skytrain (BTS) station is located. The Erawan Shrine is is […]

More on Thai government’s talks with red shirts

A quick update to my previous post about Thai PM Abhisit’s talks with red shirt leaders here in Bangkok today. The talks have concluded for today, and the discussions will resume tomorrow, says this Bangkok Post story. BP has also been sharing some observations on Twitter, as have @terryfrd, @tri26, and others. The meeting was […]

Thai PM agrees to talks with red shirt leaders

An interesting development here in Thailand today: Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has agreed to meet for talks with red shirt leaders. The meeting is taking place now ((It was set to begin about 30 min. ago, at 4 p.m. local time at King Prajadhipok’s Institute, an educational center here in Bangkok.)) Abhisit had, until today, […]

Observations and questions as the red shirt protests come to an end (for now)

Now that the red shirt protests have come to an end (or paused?) ((The demonstrations seem to be over for now, that is. The red shirts say they’ll be back on Sat., March 27.)), here’s the question: What now? Here are a few observations and questions, many of which I expect to re-visit in subsequent […]

Red shirt protesters march around Bangkok today

Red shirt protesters will be touring Bangkok today, taking their protests from Rajadamnoen Rd. to various parts of the city. The Bangkok Post has the details. And there’s more from Reuters. In other news, this week’s Economist will not be distributed in Thailand due to an article about the Thai monarchy. Reuters explains. And VOA […]