N. Korea weapons bust: Thailand confirms assistance from U.S.

The latest from AP: Thailand confirms US helped in weapons seizure BANGKOK — Thailand’s seizure of tons of illicit weapons from a plane from North Korea was the result of cooperation with the United States, a senior official said Thursday. The Ilyushin Il-76 transport plane was impounded Saturday in Bangkok during what officials said was […]

New Zealand connection to North Korean weapons bust?

From today’s WSJ: Officials Probe Auckland Firm’s Role in Seized Arms Cache New Zealand officials are investigating whether an Auckland-based company has links to a weapons-filled plane from North Korea that was detained in Bangkok last week. Investigators are still unsure where the plane — carrying 35 tons of missiles, explosives and other armaments — […]

Why did the cargo plane stop in Thailand? And where was it going?

More details on the recent seizure here in Bangkok of a cargo plane carrying arms from N. Korea (previous posts are here and here.): A snippet from a Dec. 14 CSM story: The cargo plane stopped to refuel Dec. 9 in Bangkok on its outward journey, Mr. Panitan says. It was empty and wasn’t searched […]

More on the N. Korean Weapons Bust

A bit more on the cargo plane full of arms from North Korea that Thai authorities seized here in Bangkok on Friday. (Note: I incorrectly said, earlier, that the bust took place on Sat. In fact, it happened Fri. night. I have corrected my original post.) I think one of the most interesting angles to […]

Thailand nabs plane carrying weapons from North Korea

Image: Reuters Interesting story here in Thailand that involves North Korea, weapons trafficking, and American cooperation with Thai authorities. Thailand on Sat. late Fri. ((Corrected Dec. 14)) seized a cargo plane loaded with 35 tons of weapons that was on its way from North Korea to Sri Lanka. The plane’s final destination is unclear, but […]