Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2005

For the third year running, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to weigh in on their favorite books of 2005. As in previous surveys, respondents weren’t limited to titles published this year, but simply any book they discovered during the last 12 months that made a lasting impression on them. (I’m happy to say, […]’s Debut in Today’s Express

Click for a bigger version — I’m quoted at the top Thanks to a kind reader for pointing out that my post yesterday about Friends of the Earth’s misleading climate change poster was excerpted in today’s Express (which is the Washington Post‘s free daily paper). They used a snippet in their round-up of DC blogs […]’s Spheres of Influence

The map above shows a sampling of 100 selected visitors to today. I’m happy to see that my incoherent ramblings are being enjoyed by readers on all six of the earth’s habitable continents. But while I see the fine folks in North America, Europe, and Australia are well-represented, there are lessons to be learned: […]

“Jalapeno Hands — A Cautionary Culinary Tale”

Thanks to an unexpected mention on linkfilter, I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my buddy CD’s hilarious story about an emergency room trip due to a run-in with a bunch of jalpeno peppers. If you missed the tale when I first related it, be sure to give it a read. jalapenos, cooking, linkfilter

Occam’s Razor, Browsers, and

Occam’s Razor is a theory that states that the simplest explanation is always best. And so it was with a little bug that I finally got around to fixing just now. Those of you reading this page on Internet Exploder Explorer will note that is finally rendering correctly. Before, the sidebar on the […]

So Long, Generalist

I’ve removed the term “generalist” from the title of I’m no longer “Newley Purnell, Generalist.” Now I’m just right back at where it all began: “Newley Purnell.”* The “generalist” moniker…well, it just felt kind of lame. All this time. I’ll admit it. I mean, yeah, I am a generalist. I like a lot of […]

The New

Welcome to the all-new I hope you like what you see. I’ve implemented a new design. The layout’s still simple. No fancy stuff. (I’m still working out some of the kinks, so if anything looks weird, please let me know. I know that some visitors who’re using Internet Explorer are having trouble seeing the […]