An Excellent, Dog Friendly New Delhi Outing: Sunder Nursery

New Delhi can be very dog-unfriendly. It’s hard to walk canines here, and most restaurants and cafes don’t allow furry companions. So we were excited today to discover that Sunder Nursery, a recently opened park that friends have raved about, lets you bring in pooches – provided you clean up after them, and keep them […]

Video: New Delhi Street Dogs are Totally Unflappable 

​​I often pass this group of street dogs near our office building in Connaught Place.  These mutts are totally unflappable.  Honking cars, pedestrians weaving between them, bicycles, horses, you name it.  They could care less.  They just keep dozing, sunning themselves as New Delhi buzzes all around them.  A level of zen I can only […]