Newley’s Notes 178: Tsu-NaMo; Fake Pelosi Vid; SF Blues; Beagle Puppies

🇮🇳 Well, it’s official: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is back. In a big way. Official results out Thursday showed he’s won a sweeping mandate for another five years. 🌊 “NaMOMENT,” “Yes! Prime Minister,” “Modi Tsunami,” “Modi Magic,” “Tsunamo.” Those were among the newspaper front page headlines on Friday. I posted some photos of them […]

Modi’s Big Win: Some Newspaper Front Pages Here in India

“NaMoMENT,” “Yes! Prime Minister,” “Modi Tsunami,” “Modi Magic,” “Tsunamo.” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (aka NaMo) is back. In a very big way. Above are some newspaper front pages from Friday, after official results came out. The lede and from a story by my colleagues Eric Bellman and Corinne Abrams: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India’s […]