Back Dormitory Boys: They’re So Hot Right Now!

Because my earlier post about the red hot* Chinese lipsynching teenagers is inexplicably ranked second in Google for a “Back Dormitory Boys” search, I’ve seen an explosion of visitors today — over 1.000 2,100 (and rising) of you suckers esteemed readers have landed on So I figured, what the hell: here’s even more info […]

Uprising on Fraternity Row

The Onion: WILLIAMSBURG, VA—In an unprecedented effort to fight injustice, reggae music legend Bob Marley, dead since 1981, rose from his grave in Jamaica early Sunday to free his most devoted followers, American college fraternity members, “from the bonds of oppression.” Marley’s recordings, which originally raised awareness of the Rastafarian faith and the plight of […]


I went to see Coldplay at Nissan Pavilion Friday night. Great show — I’m a Coldplay fan but I’m not a hard-core enthusiast; thus, I didn’t know what to expect from the evening. But it was really quite an amazing performance. The grand scale of it all reminded me a bit of seeing U2. And […]