More on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

A quick follow up on my post yesterday highlighting the BBC video report on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver and social media maven. Thanks to Byron at Coconuts Bangkok for getting in touch to say that his site has also run items on Khun Dejchat. The first post provides an overview of Dejchat’s […]

BBC Story on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

The BBC has a video report today on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver who has become renowned for his blogging and Tweeting: His mode of transport is one of Bangkok’s most basic – the motorbike. But it is Dejchat Phuangket’s command of cutting edge technology that has turned him into Thailand’s most famous […]

Economist on Thai politics and motorcycle taxi drivers

Economist: Enter the orange shirts In A city of clogged streets, motorbike taxis are the essential lubricant. They weave through rush-hour traffic, mount pavements and roar down the labyrinthine alleys known as soi. They lurk in gangs on street corners, waiting to carry people or goods, or run errands. Some 200,000 drivers sporting orange jackets […]

Bangkok Post: “Democrats give motorcyclists a hearing”

Today’s Bangkok Post: Democrats give motorcyclists a hearing: The Democrat Party will hold a forum to gather the opinions of motorcycle taxi drivers, many of whom are Puea Thai Party supporters, as polls indicate the opposition party is enjoying a slight edge in popular support. Related: The politics of motorcycle taxis.