By Me Yesterday: The World Leader in Mobile Facebook Access? Indonesia

My WSJ Digits post begins: Indonesia leads the world in terms of the percentage of its Facebook users who access the social network on their mobile devices. That’s according to research firm eMarketer, which said Thursday that some 92.4% of Facebook users in the country — 62.6 million people — tap into the social network […]

WSJ on mobile banking in Cambodia

From today’s WSJ: Mobile Service Targets Cambodia’s ‘Unbanked’: How do you roll out a banking service in a place where most people don’t have bank accounts? Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. tackled that question in developing WING, a banking and payment system it launched in Cambodia early last year.

Economist: Mobile phones in South-East Asia: Talk is cheap

Economist: Mobile phones in South-East Asia: Talk is cheap Take a taxi in Bangkok and the driver’s mobile phone is sure to chirp. A long conversation ensues, usually by speakerphone, since few cabbies bother with headsets. It is not just that cabbies are chatty; it is also that talk is cheap. Once reserved for the […]

Mobile phones in Bangladesh

Here’s another image from my recent Bangladesh trip that I wanted to share. This photo is part of the “Faces of Bangladesh” photoset I mentioned yesterday, though I didn’t include it in yesterday’s post. Consider this: In 2009, even dock workers in Bangladesh own mobile phones equipped with cameras. I was exploring Sadarghat, Dhaka’s riverfront […]