Skype, Writely, and GMail Notifier for Mac

Three tech updates for you: 1) Skype. It rules. But you knew that. I’m all up on it. Finally got a headset and mic and am no longer pussyfooting around. So hit me up VoIP-style. My Skype ID is newleypurnell. (And yes, I know I’m like five years late with the whole calling-over-the-Web thing, but […]

My Thoughts on the Mac Experience

Here’s a topic I’ve been meaning to address for some time. Back in late February, I purchased, for the first time ever, a Macintosh computer. I needed a notebook machine, so I went with the 12″ iBook. I’ve affectionately dubbed her iRene. In no particular order, here’re my thoughts as a lifetime PC user with […]