Update on red shirt protests and state of emergency

Here are five Thailand-related links for your edification as the red shirt protests grind on here in Bangkok: Thailand Blocks Protesters’ Sites, Media — WSJ Asia Does Thailand’s Military Answer to the Government? — TIME.com The End of the Thai Fairy Tale — op-ed in the WSJ Asia. ((Note: this link may be subscriber-only, depending […]

Nine links to share

Some So many links to share. So little time. Herewith, several items that have caught my eye of late: Economist: “Laid-off lawyers, cast-off consultants.“ AFP: “Diehard Thaksin loyalist paints rural Thailand red.” GlobalPost: “Thailand: Amid coup buzz, Thai army chief heads to Pentagon.” WSJ: “Last Taboo in English Football: Playing Footsie With Mate’s Mate.” The […]

Miscellaneous links

Six miscellaneous, non-Thailand links that have caught my eye of late: Fimoculous.com: 30 Best Blogs of 2009 NYT: The Big Economic Stories of 2009, and What’s to Come Economist: Network effects: How a new communications technology disrupted America’s newspaper industry — in 1845 Foreign Affairs: Al Elegy for Journalism? The Colorful Past and Uncertain Future […]

So much to link to, so little time

Lots of good Economist and WSJ stuff to link to, and so little time. But here goes: A fantastic Thailand story from the WSJ: “How to Make a Croc Look Cuddly: Paint It Like a Panda; Bears From China Are a Hit in Thailand, Prompting Makeovers of Local Animals.” Contains a wonderful image of a […]

A few non-Thailand links

Here are a few non-Thailand related links that I wanted to pass along, just quickly, before the week comes to a close: “How Google Can Help Newspapers,” by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. And some commentary from Snarkmarket. “Shades of Meaning,” an NYT review of Asterios Polyp, a graphic novel by David Mazzucchelli. Not (all that) […]