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Some Thailand related, some not… The Uprising in Egypt: Judgment Days — The New Yorker A Short Primer on Egypt Now — american footprints Egypt Over the Brink — Foreign Policy A Southern Chef Doesn’t Stray Far — New York Times Southeast Asia embraces China trade, but how’s the relationship? It’s complicated — Christian Science […]

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Some Thailand related, some not… The best documentaries of 2010 — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times (Thanks to A for the link) Haïkuleaks — tag line: “Cable is poetry: 65 haikus in 1830 cables” Citywalk: A Daylong Stroll in Bangkok — Wall Street Journal Thailand’s antigovernment red shirts gear up for elections — The Christian Science […]

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Some Thailand related, some not… Thai “yellow shirts” rally to block charter reforms — Reuters Is this a portrait of a human 50 million years from now? — io9 Remote Bhutan Aims to Draw Investors to the Himalayas — Wall Street Journal Experts try to convey danger of Indonesian volcano — The AP Thailand Confronts […]

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Some Thailand related, some not… Pressure cooking — Austin Bush on David Thompson and the kerfuffle surrounding foreigners cooking Thai food. Related… …BBC News: Thai restaurants spark food fight Distance Runners Are a Paradox for Insurers — New York Times Journalism of tomorrow: More info, less facts — Journalism and the World To Save Students […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Understanding Shakespeare: Towards a visual form for dramatic texts and language — www.understanding-shakespeare.com 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly — The Chronicle of Higher Education Never Ending Pencil — www.yankodesign.com It’s Back-to-School Season for the Water Buffalo, Too — WSJ Wine: Self-Serve Filling Stations Arrive at French Supermarkets — […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Seven questions for Jay Rosen — The Economist Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends — WSJ For Blind Soccer Stars, Field of Vision Is Overrated — Wired.com Support for Same-Sex Marriage, State by State — NYT Colorizing classic statues returns them to antiquity — HarvardScience […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: A Bookfuturist Manifesto — The Atlantic Google Agonizes on Privacy as Ad World Vaults Ahead — WSJ Citizenship From Birth Is Challenged on the Right — New York Times Thailand to indict top Red Shirts for terrorism — AFP Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to young writers — Kottke.org Topic of Cancer — […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Image credit: daniel n. reid Interview with Claudio Sopranzetti: The politics of motorcycle taxis — New Mandala Temple dispute surfaces again — Straits Times US slips, China glides in Thai crisis — Asia Times Online Remarkable Stop-Motion Walk Across America — PetaPixel Soccer’s Growth in the U.S. Seems Steady — New […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: The Angriest Man In Television — The Atlantic Bangladesh, With Low Pay, Moves In on China — New York Times The Consultant Was a Spy — Washingtonian.com Thailand: the prime minister and the mobile phone texts — Financial Times Can Thailand’s state of emergency lead to a ‘reconciliation’? — Washington Post […]

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Six links that have caught my eye of late: You Are Not So Smart — “A celebration of self-delusion.” Bangkok parties on surface, but unease hides below — AP Too Many Lenses, Too Few Eyes — the NYT‘s Lens blog David Foster Wallace — commencement speech at Kenyon University, 2005 — web.archive.org Biography of Usain […]