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Some Thailand-related, some not: As Myanmar Opens Up, Idyllic Islands Remain Unwelcoming — The New York Times Microfinance Yields Mixed Results in Thailand, Economist Joseph Kaboski Finds — University of Notre Dame Recycling Eyeglasses Is a Feel-Good Waste of Money — Virginia Postrel at Bloomberg What’s in a Name? For Yale in Singapore, a Whole […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: 2012 Pulitzer winners in journalism and arts — The AP Barcelona’s Secret to Soccer Success — Miostadium.com How one man escaped from a North Korean prison camp — The Guardian Economic Theory Plots a Course for Good Food — The New York Times (Via A.) Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? — […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Myanmar exiles test government’s promise of change — The AP Myanmar’s Transformation: A Revolution With No Name? — The Wall Street Journal/Southeast Asia Real Time Investors Hesitate as Frontier Market Myanmar Faces Election — Bloomberg Memo from Ecuador: ‘Garage Universities’ Are Bracing for School Reform — The New York Times Sea […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: The Personal Analytics of My Life — StephenWolfram.com 24/192 Music Downloads …and why they make no sense — xiph.org Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot — The New York Times The People of the Petabyte — Forbes Southern Food Primer — Southern Foodways Alliance Why I Love Apple But Don’t Own An […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success — Jesse Thorn at Transom.org Ryan Lizza: What I Read — The Atlantic Wire Debate Over Blog Limits Intensifies in Singapore — The Wall Street Journal‘s Southeast Asia Real Time Everybody Inhale: How Many People Can Manhattan Hold? […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health — The New York Times’ Well blog Thailand Proving Best Bet After China of Global Emerging Market Investors — Bloomberg If an Earth-like planet was discovered by scientists and NASA built a multi-generational spaceship and were looking for volunteers, would you go? — Reddit […]

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A few links that have caught my eye of late: Why French Parents Are Superior — The Wall Street Journal If correlation doesn’t imply causation, then what does? — DDI IAMA author of a new book about Barack and Michelle Obama’s behind-the-scenes adjustment to the White House. Interview with author Jodi Kantor at reddit. What […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Southern Farmers Vanquish the Clichés — The New York Times Marginal revolutionaries: The crisis and the blogosphere have opened mainstream economics up to new attack — The Economist New, darker portrait of legendary American — AP on a new book about Jim Thompson by Joshua Kurlantzick Once Hidden by Forest, Carvings […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: “Solitude and Leadership” — The American Scholar “The Umbrella Man” — short Errol Morris documentary for The New York Times. “Thai Leaders Hold Out for Thaksin’s Return” — Wall Street Journal. “A Discipline Problem: Paterno Fought Penn State Official Over Punishment of Players” — Wall Street Journal “Defendant Says Khmer Rouge’s […]

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Yes, It’s Really Rushdie on Twitter — The Wall Street Journal‘s India Real Time blog What if the Secret to Success Is Failure? — New York Times Magazine Vladimir Putin, Action Man — The Atlantic‘s In Focus blog News Trends Tilt Toward Niche Sites — New York Times Antoine Dodson Saves My Class — The […]