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My Gucci Addiction — GQ Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead? — The New York Times Magazine Economists See No Crisis With U.S. Debt as Economy Gains — Bloomberg You’re Distracted. This Professor Can Help. — The Chronicle of Higher Education Eight Reasons Business Travelers Shouldn’t Work on Planes — BloombergBusinessweek An Amazon Problem: […]

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The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble — The New York Times Magazine Noma’s Co-Owner Thinks Bolivian Food Is the Next Big Thing — Bloomberg Markets In Public Eye, Shining Star of Myanmar Loses Luster — The New York Times A Friendly Conversation with a Banker — The Billfold The problem […]

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The Brain Is Not Computable — MIT Technology Review Can a President Use Drones Against Journalists? — The New Yorker Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us — TIME The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food — The New York Times Magazine Fuling, China: Return to River Town — National Geographic Pad Thai — […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Japan’s Role in Making Batteries for Boeing — The New York Times Why I Might Ditch My IPhone for an Android — BloombergBusinessweek Thailand to Avoid Currency War as Ghost of 1997 Crisis Looms — Bloomberg A Huge Pile of Gorgeous Old Thai Movie Posters — Asia Obscura (Via @wharman) A […]

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“Monks Lose Relevance as Thailand Grows Richer” — The New York Times An Economics Masterpiece You Should Be Reading Now — Bloomberg The Basement — cabel.me Amazon Is Ripe For Disruption — Forbes In a New Era of Insider Trading, It’s Risk vs. Reward Squared — The New York Times The Best 10 Economics Papers […]

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It’s official: Austerity Economics Doesn’t Work — John Cassidy in the The New Yorker The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like — The Atlantic Dear Journalists at Vice and Elsewhere, Here Are Some Simple Ways Not To Get Your Source Arrested — Forbes The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time — […]

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You Too Can Be Nate Silver — Bloomberg Businessweek One Running Shoe in the Grave: New Studies on Older Endurance Athletes Suggest the Fittest Reap Few Health Benefits — The Wall Street Journal The Bookstore Strikes Back — Ann Patchett, in The Atlantic, on Parnassus Books 100 Notable Books of 2012 — The New York […]

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Obama to Visit Myanmar as Part of First Postelection Overseas Trip to Asia — New York Times Laos Dam Kicks Off Controversial Mekong Plans — Wall Street Journal Pardoned Thai-American speaks to the press on lese majeste — Bangkok Pundit Thai-American ‘wins election’ — Bangkok Post on Tammy Duckworth International reporting in the age of […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: The Worst Marriage in Georgetown — The New York Times Magazine Clinton Visit Puts Spotlight on South China Sea — The Wall Street Journal Asean Reaps Rewards As Clinton Counters China — Bloomberg Wary Neighbors Turn Into Partners in a Quickly Developing Southeast Asia — The New York Times Transfer of […]

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Some Thailand-related, some not: Special Report: Plight of Muslim minority threatens Myanmar Spring — Reuters Thai Youth Seek a Fortune Away From the Farm — The New York Times India’s Historic Outreach to Myanmar — The Atlantic/Asia Society Michio Kaku: The Cheapest Way to Terraform Mars — The Big Think/YouTube Moderation as the Sweet Spot […]