The New York Times’s Noam Cohen has an interesting story about efforts to advance a simplified version of English to be used around the world — what some are calling “globish.” When its president proposed last month to ban English words like “helicopter,” “chat” and “pizza,” Iran became the latest country to try to fight […]

The Globalization of Soccer

To the People: The Prospect reviews superstar Senegalese footballer Patrick Vieira’s new autobiography and says it “confirms that soccer beats banking as the world’s most globalised industry.” I’d say drugs, but soccer and banking make fine choices, too. “Vieira was only 19 and already captain of Cannes when, in 1995, he was bundled into a […]

Bolivia, Evo Morales, and Market-Dominant Minorities

According to the NYT’s Juan Forero, coca-legalization proponent and indigenous coalition leader Evo Morales just might become the next president of Bolivia. The election of Morales in Bolivia would represent the triumph of indigenous groups over the minority white elite ruling class — as well as the rejection of what’s viewed as American imperialism and […]

British Backpackers Take Call Center Jobs in India

Here’s an interesting twist on Western firms outsourcing jobs to India: British backpackers have started taking call center jobs there in order to save funds for traveling or extend their current trips. Among the first to land in the subcontinent was Kenny Rooney, a 28-year-old from Livingston in Scotland. He had worked in a call […]

China and India: Feet of Clay?

“China and India, still desperately poor. Chinese children in a village pick garbage (above); An Indian child in a slum (below).” Pranab Bardhan, writing in Yale Global Online: The media, particularly the financial press, are all agog over the rise of China and India in the international economy. After a long period of relative stagnation, […]