New Delhi Snapshot: Intriguing Gadget for Washing Dogs

Putting the “dog” in the Japanese term “chindōgu” (珍道具). Spotted at Khan Market here in Delhi. Sadly, I didn’t inquire as to the price. Something tells me Ginger would not abide.

Delhi Snapshot: Family of Four — Plus a Goat — on a Motorbike

Spotted this here in New Delhi a while back and meant to share here. Yes, this appears to be a dad driving a motorbike, with his son in front and his daughter behind him. Then on the back is the mom. With a goat on her lap. Fun for the whole family (including pet and/or […]

New Delhi Smog Update: At Least the Temps are Dropping

So, what’s up with the air pollution here in New Delhi? Here’s an update: It’s still bad. The PM2.5 reading yesterday morning was in the 300s. Which is not good. But it’s not all terrible news. Winter temps are here, which I love. Lows are dropping down to the 50s Fahrenheit, which is about 10 […]

Proof of the Commodification of Fidget Spinners

Spotted today at a roadside stall here in New Delhi. Yes, this bag of snacks comes with a free fidget spinner. This raises a few questions. First, how inexpensive must these toys be that they’re included with such low cost items? Second, how many consumers do you think will unwittingly munch on the toys?

How Bad is the Smog in Delhi? Here’s a Video

  As I mentioned in the most recent Newley’s Notes, the air pollution here in Delhi worsens significantly this time of year. Here’s a short video I shot on Wednesday afternoon near Connaught Place, in central New Delhi. The air has been, in a word, soupy.

Photo: the Most Laid-Back Delhi Street Dog Ever

I have posted before about how now only are New Delhi street dogs clever and enterprising, but also totally unflappable. The often straight up sleep on busy sidewalks as people step over and around them amid this buzzing metropolis of 26 million. But the mutt pictured above, which I encountered recently at the popular Khan Market, takes […]

Video: Why Did the New Delhi Street Dog Cross the Road?

  Here’s a video I captured recently of a street dog near New Delhi’s busy Connaught Place. The pooch caught my eye because he or she seemed to be waiting patiently near a curb. When the traffic stopped, sure enough, the canine sauntered across the street. I was interrupted by a call and the video […]

The difference between saying something and actually doing it 

About a quarter of the time I take Ubers here in Delhi the driver asks me, when I get out, to give him a five-star rating. (Drivers must maintain a certain rating to ensure they can continue working on the platform.) Usually I just nod my head and say “yeah okay,” and proceed to give […]

Delhi Snapshot: No Photos Please 

Encountered these guys near my office recently.  They were not happy to have their photo taken. 

Delhi Snapshot: Air Pollution This Morning

As promised in my previous post on the remarkable smog that has descended on the Indian capital, here’s a photo I took at about 9 a.m. downtown, near Connaught Place.  Yikes. There’s no filter on this pic, by the way.